Our franchise opportunities are perfectly suited to anyone looking for a new business opportunity, either full time or part time. Whether you’ve been made redundant, are thinking about or have already retired, or are simply looking for a bit of extra cash, our business opportunities require so little storage space that they can be started from your own home.

The family of Tubz Towers have searched for the best-quality, highest-selling candies and toys on the market. To offer you a very special opportunity. Join the world of entrepreneurship. Be your own boss! Make your own hours!

Our start up franchises are available for as little as $3499

Tubz Brands Ltd is the leading franchisor in the field of tower machines. Joining forces with Brand Vending Products, LLC and SqwishLand, the leader of 1” and 2” toy’s market in the U.S. Have formed a family which specializes in helping new businesses start-up and begin their journey to financial freedom!

Our start-up packages are the most comprehensive and affordable on the market, and include everything you will need to start your own business.

No Management or Annual Fees

No selling experience required fully trained support is included with every package

Highly profitable with low start-up costs

Packages contain everything needed to get started right away

Be your own boss and make your own hours

No debt to be racked up and can start seeing cash on day one

A tower franchise is a less risky way of setting up your own business, especially when you are looking to go it alone. In return for an initial investment, our operators are offered ongoing support and assurances which include setting up, help running your new business, and the opportunity to instantly buy into our winning formula that has been going for many years.

A tower franchise is one of the most versatile types of start-ups to get into; cash rich, little storage needed and minimal staffing requirements; depending on how large you decide to grow your new company. With no rates to pay on your sites, 24/7 operating capabilities and the opportunity to move your toy or candy towers elsewhere should a location decline in popularity, you’ll always see profits if you choose a Tubz Brands opportunity.

Worldwide Partners

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All of the following is included in your bundle for an initial purchase price. Because stock is included in your package you will be ready to start making cash on day one.

A 1 year guarantee on your equipment
Towers and floor stands
Stock for your towers
Tons of variety of stock to choose from
Product stickers
Corporate clothing for you and your employees
Full training package
Full online support and advice


You Don’t Have to Pay!

Monthly or annual management fees
Site license fees
Transport fees
Any other charges for expanding your business
No hidden cost or charges what-so-ever

If you would like to become a valued member of our Partnership simply contact us by phone to discuss your business needs. Our friendly customer service team will ensure you get a tailor made business package, hassle free and guaranteed to start earning cash on day one.

Call Us 1-800-967-3048

We will answer any questions you may have about our services or products.

Email Us support@brandvendingproducts.com

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